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Tai Chi SJY LLP began operation only in January 2011. Simon and Jennifer (husband and wife) started the company which bears their initials SJY (Simon Jennifer Yuen), after retiring from their 30-years-old confectionery business.

Simon and Jennifer has been teaching Tai Chi for Health Programs since 2008. Their goals was to introduce Tai Chi for Health Programs, created by their Tai Chi Master Dr. Paul Lam to many people especially seniors/retirees to take charge of their lives, to stay fit and active into old age. Dr. Lam’s Tai chi programs are safe, fun and easy to learn. The progressive teaching methods ensure many beginners are able to learn the set of Tai Chi movement within a short period of time.

As the populations here is rapidly graying, Simon and Jennifer want to promote Tai Chi for Health programs so peoples will improves their health and obtains benefit from practicing tai chi. Since it humble beginning, Tai Chi for Health programs are in many Community Club, RC, Senior Ageing Homes.

January 2010, Jennifer Chung was trained as Master Trainer by Dr. Paul Lam for the Tai Chi for Health Programs. She teaches Tai Chi for Health programs to various Organisation, Community Club and Resident Committees, and also conduct Instructor /Leader training workshop - Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor Training Workshop - a program to train safe and effective Instructors and Trainers.

Conducting "Wellness Programs - Tai Chi for Health", a Training workshop to train Staffs, Volunteers to be facilitators and leaders to serve in many Community Home Care and Senior Centers, Nursing Homes.... etc.

Tai Chi is Fun, Easy to learn, Effective, Safe and you can practice anywhere.



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