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What Participants said

  • Testimonial from Bishan CC/RC
    "Jennifer is a Master trainer for Tai chi for Health. She shows great depth in understanding of the subject and its effectiveness."
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  • Testimonial from Queenstown CC
    "Jennifer is such an inspiration, and I strive to be able to master tai chi with the great form she has and one day be able to teach tai chi to others and look as professional as Jennifer does."
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  • Testimonial from Yio Chu Kang CC
    "Jennifer Chung has a passionate interest in Tai chi. She is very patient as a trainer. She is tireless in her efforts to train and is very committed. She is very encouraging. She is warm and friendly. She takes a personal interest in her students’ welfare."
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  • Testimonial from Cheng San CC
    "As a tai chi instructor, Jennifer is patient, innovative and resourceful. She always ensures the safety of the senior members during practices and encourages them to persevere when the moves get challenging."
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  • Testimonial from Tao Payoh RC
    "Jennifer never give up on any student. Patient teaching, repeating tirelessly. Doing social work returning to society - Parkinson Society Singapore."
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  • Testimonial from Leng Kee CC
    "As a trainer, Jennifer has given us confidence in our practice of Tai chi with innovative learning method and personal experience. She is an industrious and patient trainer."
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What Organization said

  • Singapore Association For The Deaf
    "Your exemplary coaching style certainly enhance the popular image of the Tai chi in maintaining healthy mind and soul."
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  • Woment Initiative for Ageing Successfully (WING) - Cynthia Aw (26 Nov 2010)
    "WINGS decided to start the Tai Chi for Health programme for our members was beasd on the positive feedback from our borard member who had attended the class at an external venue and a WINGS memeber who was Jennifer's former student at the community centre."
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What Participants said

  • Bernadette Koh (29 Nov 2011)
    "Jennifer is a very experienced and systematic instructor. She is clear in her delivery and makes sure that here students master the Taichi movements with repetitive practice."
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  • Chew Geok Lan (4 Nov 2011)
    "My husband and I were impressed by the Tai Chi demonstration whereby Ms Jenniffer Chung and Mr Simon Yuen were also demonstrating."
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  • Ivy Yuen & Lung Keow (28 Nov 2011)
    "Jennifer's interest and energy to inspire and encourage with professional advice and abundant patience are always there."
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  • Lu Thiam Seng (23 Nov 2010)
    "I have found Jennifer to be knowledgeable and systematic in her training methods and enthusiastic in the promotion of Taiji for heath concepts."
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  • Lynda Soh (3 Nov 2011)
    "My impression of Ms Jennifer is of admiration and respect."
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  • Sandra Lim (17 Nov 2011)
    "Jennifer is an encouraging trainer, she will share with her students on the rationale of the Tai Chi's steps in a simple way which will faciliate our understanding."
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