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Mass Tai Chi Workout and Health Talk at Kampong Glam

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28th May 2011, A Wellness Event Free for Every One – Mass Tai Chi Workout and Health Talk by Dr. Paul Lam and Dr. Lau Tang Ching for Tai Chi participants as well as promoting an activity for Tai Chi for Health Programs to the Wellness Group at CC and RC.
Venue: Kampong Glam CC Time: 7.30am to 11am

Tai chi for Health Interest Group Activity – PA Trainers Jennifer & Simon, organized a healthy mass tai chi practice and a Health Talk to coincide with Dr. Paul Lam visit to Singapore to conduct the Tai Chi for Health Workshops, a workshops supported by PA to upgrade skills, knowledge, continuing learning for their trainers.

Helene & Jennifer welcome everyone to the 2nd Mass Tai Chi workout. Dr. Paul Lam and Dr. Lau Tang Ching teach the participants to learn some simple Tai Chi movements, consisting of 6 steps. As many of the participants came from the wellness groups, many had not done tai chi before. So the steps have to be simple, easy to learn and safe. Dr. Paul Lam had only about 40 minutes to teach the 6 steps and everyone doing the whole 6 steps practice together at 8.50am. Photos showed how group participants enjoyed doing the movements, and an opportunity leaning from a grand tai chi master Dr. Paul Lam.

After a 15mins break, participants gather back together to attend a Tai Chi and Health Talk by Dr. Paul Lam. Before the talk, Queenstown Wellness Group performed seated Tai Chi for Arthritis.

Seated Tai Chi for Arthritis can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to practice Tai Chi sitting down. People with almost any chronic condition can learn to improve their health and mobility. Health Professionals and carers using this program with people with disabilities can share quality time with them while improving their own health. It is suitable for people who are either unable to walk or are required to be seated e.g. while in flight.

This half day event - A Wellness Event Free for Every One Mass Tai Chi Workout and Health Talk was a great success. Over 450 participants came together for a good tai chi workout.

This FREE event provides the opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy a group introductory experience of the new TAI CHI FOR HEALTH PROGRAM in Singapore.

A BIG THANK YOU to Dr Paul Lam, Dr. Lau Tang Ching, CCMC Kampong Glam committees, Staffs and Wellness Division at Kampong Glam cc, Queenstown cc, Cheng San cc, Chairman and committees at Bishan RC Zone 3 and 5 and all volunteers who had help and supported this Wellness Event.

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