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What is Tai Chi?

There are many forms of Tai Chi with significant differences between them. Tai Chi for Health programs are created by Dr Paul Lam and his team of Tai Chi experts and medical specialist. The programs are safe, effective and easy to learn.

Tai Chi consists of fluid, gentle movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo. Tai Chi can be practiced almost anywhere and suitable form of exercises for just about anyone. Tai Chi helps to strengthen bones, improve balance and improve relaxations.

Study show Tai Chi slowed down the loss of the bone density approximately three fold, reduces falls and relieves pain from Arthritis and the ability to do daily activities. Tai Chi helps to improves mental strength so people can cope better with their conditions. The flexibility of Tai Chi gently moves all joints, muscles and tendons, help to reduce stiffness and pains associated with Arthritis.

The slow and controlled movements of Tai Chi build up muscle strength which support and protect joints and help in decrease pain and deformity. Tai Chi incorporates simultaneous arm and leg movements to perform task more efficiently and reduce fall. Tai Chi integrates mind and body, The mental training enhances the clarity of mind, releases stress and uplift mood. Tai Chi exercise increase the overall fitness of the heart and lungs, improving the circulation of blood and oxygen supply to the body.

Website Links
  1. To know more about Tai Chi for Health Programs and other useful information, please go to Dr. Lam's web site at http://www.taichiforhealthinstitute.org
  2. Dr. Rhayun Song for her latest study on TaiChi for Diabetes. It is so good to see a study showing TCD helping people with diabetes! Dr. Rhayun said "'We were happy to see the TCD program (all 19 movements) for 12 weeks even improved the neuropathy symptoms measured by monofilament, which provides the ground for "weight transferring movement" could work for microcirculation.' This is the link for a review on the study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22985218 and
  3. Tai Chi for Fall Prevention by Dr Paul Lam, Dr Pamela Kircher and Maureen Miller
  4. Dr Paul Lam's presentation at the America on Aging Conference "Tai Chi for Fall Prevention: A community approach" http://youtu.be/jzw9LzEt8nI
  5.  List of Published Studies by Dr Paul Lam - By: Dr Paul Lam Copyright Dr Paul Lam 2010
  6. The Largest Tai Chi for Arthritis study has shown Significant Improvement in Pain, Stiffness and Sense of Well-being
  7.  The World’s Largest Fall Prevention Study 2007
    Summary of "A Randomized, Controlled Trial of tai chi for the Prevention of Falls: The Central Sydney tai chi Trial" By Dr Paul Lam
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